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Saxophones bauhaus walstein M2 tenor : reviews and comments


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I suppose there aren't too many owners of a bauhaus walstein M2 , because i didn't find lots of reviews on forums about it. A pity because i'm curious about what other people think about it. And more and more i believe it is an underestimated sax

My experience : playing 30 years + , and owning and playing a mark VI. I was looking for a backup sax and first thinking about buying a bronze one , but then i decided to go for the M2. When it is really that good as mentioned by some, i can sell the Mark Vi and will have some money left.

Testing : In the beginning , i was not convinced . Played it with RPC115B mouthpiece , otto link 8* and yamaha 4c , also a rico graftonite A7. Also bought a ppt 8 in the quest for the right mouthpiece. But then , after a few weeks .....

My conclusion : I find myself playing more and more on the M2. The Mark Vi gives me nearly always the same tone , regardless of mouthpiece. Has a bit more ring in the high register , and has a very even sound quality over the range . The M2 is a bit mouthpiece sensitive ( diameter of the neck where it connects to the body is larger then the selmer , octave key placement is different ) , but you can get a ver y dark resonant sound out of it . More then what the selmer gives you . I find i have to voice more to get the high notes correctly , probably because of the diff in diameter for the neck. And there the selmer has a slight advantage.

The rico graftonite and the ppt give me a very dark sound in the low registers , something i could never achieve completely with the otto link . The graftonite of course is a rather closed tip opening ( less volume ), compared to the other pieces , but is very well suited for playing in ensembles ( classical , band etc ) where you need fast/clean execution .

Any other comments on the M2 ? I'm amazed so few people did try/buy . It really has potential. And no , don't ask when i sell the Mark VI. My wife won't let me sell
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Dear Buedsma,
Maybe I'm not the right one who has a great experience to comment because of late bloomming but as an M2 user I think it deserves to be mentioned in every oppurtunity. I love jazz music (because it is like love: no cause) then I was looking for a dark and rich sound to vibrate my heart and I did a combination PPT 7 and Rovner Dark with Vandoren 2,5. I can say now that it is beyond of my dreams.
And of course never sell Mark VI...


Hi buedsma......I think you are correct the M2 Tenor is very underated it is a very well built horn and like a lot of the Taiwanese horns System 54 for example it plays extremely well.The horns are set up when they arrive in the Uk and play straight out of the box and like all new horns they will just get better and better with time.

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Hi buedsma.......The horns are set up when they arrive in the Uk and play straight out of the box and like all new horns they will just get better and better with time.

Does that mean that like Stradivarius stringed instruments, the secret is in the varnish? ;}


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I have a BW M2 tenor and an alto. Both fantastic saxes - the tenor just has the edge and has ousted both my Super Action 80 Series 2 and my Borgani Vintage Jubilee horns (both for sale by the way). I'm using a Link STM 7* and also a 9 on the tenor and either an old Brilhart tonalin or an STM 6 on the alto. I've also got a gold plated Mauriat rolled tone hole alto that's as good as the BW alto, just different! One will have to go though!

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