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Ok, thanks for advice. I worked in Germany in the 70's, Darmstadt, only for a year though. Have learnt a few words of German, via Linguaphone, and liviing there. Trouble was, soon's they know I was English, they wanted to speak it, to practice, so not much chance of me learning.
Re waiting last few secs, then wop on big amount, I've done that few times myself, won meself a nice antique clock the other week that way. Like you say, a bit annoying to the seller., ok i'll look into that, just thought all Eu countries had same ebay, is there a ebay for all countries?
Same problem at work - the Germans prefer to speak English as they can't be bothered deciphering my cruddy German. Getting better in the shops, though.

There's a separate ebay for most major countries. Your existing login/profile works for all countries, so it's unified in a way, but you need to log into each site separately. I think France is and Italy Spain's probably .es. There's a way on the extended search to search outside your own country. Chasing leads in the other ebays is a good way of finding all other sites. Also need to check shipping details/payment details before bidding, some guys won't ship outside their own countries and some require things like cash transfers, not paypal or credit cards as payment. Also need to check the seller's credentials even more crefully for international buys.

Watch for import duty if you buy outside the EU:w00t:

Good luck on the Bari. Am tempted myself, but it'll have to wait until I've become proficient on the tenor - and that's a long way away.
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