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Hello fellow saxophonists
Do any of you own/play a bass saxophone. I have been pondering for a while whether to start looking for one. The cost is slightly inhibitive but I'm gradually getting used to the idea of spending that much. My question is does a bass sax fit in the average car? also, I have seen them being played on a stand - is it easy to obtain one of those stands?
Looking forward to hearing your replies
Thank you
Helen X


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Hi Helen and welcome.

I bought a special low A bass sax from eBay that Steve Howard has tweaked and reviewed here: Keilwerth SX90 bass saxophone ( non-production model ) review

Generally a pretty fair review, but I think Steve would think it is more bass-like than baritone if he played it now with either my Pillinger or Zinner bass mouthpieces. Although bass saxes can be played with bari mouthpieces I think you get a better sound with a true bass sax mouthpiece and reed.

My bass can be played off a guitar strap that clips on to rings near the top and bottom on the instrument. It then sits sort of sideways, but is reasonably comfortable. It just doesn't work for me on the single strap hook in the middle which seems to be in the wrong place.

I bought a special stand for it from SaxRax that was about £150 and can be used as a playing stand when sitting down. You can see my sax on its stand here: www.saxrax.co.uk

I find the sax in its case pretty big for moving around (and I'm 6'2") and it only just fits in my estate car. For that reason I haven't taken it out on gigs but it did have an outing to big band rehearsal to show the rest of the sax section.

I was lucky to find this sax, but did have to pay quite a lot for it (much less than a new Keilwerth bass would cost). Vintage bass saxes do come up for sale but you would have to watch out for damage and wear.

I know that Pete used to have a nice Buescher bass but think he has gone for a new Eppelsheim (not sure if it's a Tubax or a bass). Maybe Pete will write here about what these are like compared with a nortmal bass. http://saxophones.co.uk/acatalog/Xtreme_saxes_by_Benedikt_Eppelsheim.html

My best advice is to look around and take your time.

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Wow!! what an amazing review of that bass sax. I never knew there was so much to consider. I'm really going to have to search very carefully now

I've looked on the sax.co.uk site too but now I've seen that Keilwerth its whetted my appetite for something a little better. I can feel my credit card going into meltdown as I type this.

Thanks for the advice
Helen x
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