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Accessories Basic strap/sling recommendations?


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Really basic question here:

Anyone got a recommendation for a good basic sax sling for alto and tenor (and maybe bari to keep in the gear bag as a spare for those "Oh, ****, I forgot my harness/sling" moments). Been using the neotech soft ones and the bounciness of them is starting to annoy me, especially when carrying the weight of the tenor. I don't need anything fancy like a Cebulla, just something reasonably comfortable and stable. What are you folks using?
I have a couple of Just Joe Gel straps for sale. All the money is going to the charity fund. These are probably a bit more than basic, but very very comfortable and come highly recommended.
I don't like to hang things arond my neck so I use harnesses. BG harness for alto and tenor. Klondyke harness for baritone. I bought the bari harness from saxcouk and it a good one for less money. But it was to small for me. I had put an extra hook for extension. Just 3-4 cm. I use to have a Neotech shoulder strap in my gear bag.

I just use a basic BG strap, also got a basic yamaha strap that came with my Barone, both work fine. I've tried a Cebulla which is ok but slips, and a neotech which bounces and makes my neck sweat!
My favourite is the Koebl/Köbl Smooth Moose made from moose leather. I prefer it to the Cebulla, but after a couple of minutes I can't tell which of these straps I'm using.
Thanks for the replies, everyone.

About the Rico ones. They're sold in soprano/alto and tenor/baritone sizes. Can you use one for swapping between tenor and soprano (tbh, I'm not very clear about what the strap is for on a straight sop apart from stopping me dropping it)? Or between alto and tenor (not that I've had much need to do this).?
Agree with Nick and Jules. I have one Rico sop/alto and 2 tenor/baritone straps. The larger straps are all fine on the soprano, both straight and curved.

Having always used a strap on a straight soprano sax I do find that it allows me greater freedom of movement when utilising the keys on the sax without having to hold the sax too cautiously in case I dropped it. So it affords greater hand movement when playing.
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I found the tenor strap too long on alto and so the adjuster was right up at my throat. Bought a shorter strap for alto and use the same on Curved sop. Tenor strap is just long enough for bari, but there's not much left.
I like the Rico ones, and have a few of them. If I ever needed to use a tenor one for alto or curved sop I'd tie a knot in it.

If you're after super cheap, Sakkusus ones at six quid are a good buy.
For those "oh **** I left my strap at home" moments, I have resorted to taking the shoulder strap off my Protech tenor case and using that! I have a Smooth Moose strap I use for everything but have various cheapies (usually the webbing strap that comes with the sax) stuffed in various pockets, just in case, and they are fine. I don't think I would go out and buy a strap specifically as a back-up when I have probably 4 or 5 freebies already.
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