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Recording Basic recording set-up

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I'll start off with an apology if this is the wrong place for this query!

Having listened to some good sound clips of various people playing, I was wondering what kit do you need to make a basic recording (I'm not planning to go into the home studio business (yet) - the last thing I need is something else to spend money on!)? :)))

Thanks in advance.


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Cubase SX blah blah blah
Reason.Audicity. Blah Blah blah
Cheapo Mic

Now the real reason for my post is to Publicise the free replacement ASIO driver ASIO4ALL.

I only found this a couple of days ago and it is incredable. "Zero Latency" with Cubase and Reason5 on a 6 year old Acer. I`m sure any sound program will benefit.
If you ever had issues with latency with onboard sound cards this driver will Kill you. dig out old Laptop /PC and wow.
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