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What do you prefer?

Never played Bb but I like the more saxophonic look
I like low Bb baris because they have "fatter" tone. I simply sounds and playes better on a low Bb compared to a low A. On the other side I've never owned a better low A bari like Selmer, Yamaha, Yangisawa .... . Just low A Weltklang, Amati, Corton Deluxe (Yani stecils). There are many good bari players on low A baris. A big inspiration for me was/is Steve Berlin (Los Lobos The Blasters). He played a Conn 12 M or Buescher along with Lee Allen on The Blasters shows and some recordings. I think he is on a low A today? Dana Colley and David Woodford are still on low Bb baris. My bari is a "The Martin Baritone" but would love to own a "The Martin Magna Baritone" to low A as well.;) Steve Berlin on bari with "The Blasters".
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Any update on the Rosedale review? What did you think of the sound in the end compared to the other baritones?
Actually, I had it delivered in the last couple of days and took it to my technician who recommended sending it back... Several pads didn't seal but the bigger problem is that there is significant play in several pillars. I'm contemplating trying again (rolling the die) but might just get something a bit more expensive.
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