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Not sure if you meant me - trying to clarify things - or cherrybyte, the original responder. I guess cherrybite was just querying whether your use of the expression 'cash purchaser' actually added anything, as he/she assumed all purchasers of used instruments paid cash. My response was that lots of people use PayPal, and that cash actually makes you a more attractive purchaser as PayPal fees are avoided.

Anyways, I do have a baritone, and I'm pondering selling it. PM me an email address and I'll send tyou some details and pictures.
If you are referring to Jon, he's a good guy. Click on his avatar and a menu will come up including the Private Message sign. Exchange PMs and you'll see he is genuine.

I'll vouch for that- if its the bari I think he's selling its a good bit of kit too.....
Thanks to Kev, OG and Jules for their kind words.

Hi Honker, when I posted I asked you to send me an email address by PM so I could forward you details including pics. Details are pretty meaningless without pictures. I don't really want to post loads of pics here due to size limits, and I can't PM you pics. So, as I said, let me have an email address and I'll let you have some more details.

Sorry, no longer for sale. Someone close to me needs to use it for a while, and they get first dibs.

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