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Baritone voted the best sounding sax by my family & friends.


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Just thought I would share my Xmas performance experience with you.

Over Xmas we had family and friends over for dinner. I was asked to play a couple of tunes. A few red wines had been consumed and I agreed. I proceed to play a couple of tunes on alto, then tenor and last of all on baritione. All seemed to go really nicely with some people singing along to the tunes they knew. For me the tenor sounded the best of all. I have much more practice time invested on the tenor than the other 2 horns.

To my surprise it was a unanimous chorous around the room that the baritone was clearly the best sounding of the three saxes I had played. :confused:
I have had my bari for approx. 3 months and nearly didn't play it on the night due to my lack of experience.
The accoustics in the room (tiled floor) made for echoing and perhaps the bari sound was more suited to that.

Happily my playing was well recieved, and my mum who is seventy this year teared up when I played one of her favourites Tennesse Waltz. Both my mum and my wife's toy poodle could clearly be heard singing along to the tune.

Must get around to recording myself soon.

Happy playing to you all :)
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Glad the Xmas concert went well. Tenor is my first love, but the bari is catching up. Funny, now I'm getting a decent sound from it, the sop is my first choice to play.

Ignore the nit-pickers, they're both wrong.

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Perhaps bari is better for playing with a choir, as the singers are above it and thus can hear themselves. Or, for another type of choir, bari can be better as it's noisier and therefore singers cannot hear themselves.

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The old guys at the local trad jazz night like my Bari. I noticed several of them wear hearing aids. I think as you get older the higher frequencies become harder to hear. The lower register of the bari may sound fuller and sweeter to older ears. Added to that it's such an unlikely instrument. It doesn't look like it's going to sound like it does.


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Back on topic, well done for having a go at playing in front of family and friends! Most people find it harder to play in front of people that you know! I don't blame anyone for preferring a baritone, they are beautiful sounding horns, even in fairly new hands. :clapping:
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