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Baritone shaped case damaged but Donation/Free if you can pick it up.


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First I had to choose a prefix to this post and it says FS seller donates.
Well it's free so collector donates OK? (I couldn't post here with out choosing a prefix).

I no longer have a Baritone :crying:
Gutted but how will I ever play my 957 :optimistic: tenors if I start throwing Bari and Alto back in the mix :confused:

So I have a Black Berkeley shaped case that would need a small fibreglass repair at the top (there is a hole the size of a squash ball if I remember right).

Other than that it is in reasonable shape, standard for one of those cases.
If it is of any use, you'll need to come and get it and donate something to the chosen charity via this site.
It's not worth the hassle to wrap and send anywhere but if you are passing the M3/jnc 13 or M27/jnc 5 you are in my neck of the woods.

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