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Hi all I have 3,000 max to spend and fancy a bari, any suggestions please.Thanks Bumnote.
Not enough for a new Yanagisawa but if you can find a used B900 anywhere I'd go for that.

But I would say that, wouldn't I. I've been playing one for about 20 years.

Ignore everybody who comes after this and says you want a Conn Crossbar (I've got one - it's not a patch on the Yanag) or some other vintage rubbsh. You don't. Modern ones are best. ;)

Go to a good sax shop and try some - if they have any that cheap.
There are a couple of Selmers on EBay but at £4k. Do G4M do a bari? have a number around that price and cheaper, I rather like the look of the Conn-Selmer's But I stress I just like the look, go have a play
There are a couple of Selmers on EBay but at £4k. Do G4M do a bari?

I've got one I bought SH. It does the job and is reasonably sturdy (hasn't needed any work in a couple of years of 30 big band rehearsals and 3-4 gigs a year.). I wouldn't say much more for it than that, though I'm still really enjoying it. Depends what you want to spend the extra couple of grand on, I suppose.
Great price for a Bari with a pretty good reputation and comes recommended...!
The G4M bari appears to have some form of leg/stand at the bottom of it.
Aaah "This model also features an innovative built-in music rest" explains it. Does that make them easier to play?
There are a couple of Selmers on EBay but at £4k. Do G4M do a bari?

They do gear4music own make for £950 or so. If they are as good as their tenors I'd have one if I were into baris... they also have a new Yamaha bari for £4165 and a Jupiter for £2259. You pays yer money and takes yer pick...

If I were considering spending that sort of dough I'd arrange to go there and compare the three... with a choice of mouthpieces and reeds... what suits one instrument might not suit another, and you could be fooled into buying the wrong horn because you were trying to match it with the wrong mp...

I've just been looking up their bass clarinets, and they are about £800 give or take £40 or £50 depending on model... just thinking ahead for when I have some spare cash...
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agreeing with Nick here, a yanagisawa or yamaha, blow the rest away for all round huge sound and comfort and intonation, great under the fingers, modern sax any day, much easier.
Hi all I have 3,000 max to spend and fancy a bari, any suggestions please.Thanks Bumnote.

I'll add another vote for Yanagisawa baritones.

There are two within your budget listed here a B901 for £2975 and a B900 for £2200 ono.

If I didn't already have a B990, I'd be all over the second.

I know nothing of the sellers—by the way—I'm just passing on the link; caveat emptor.
first of all 3000£ buys you a lot of saxophone and even a lot of baritone.

As a matter of common sense I wouldn’t buy, even if cheap, a new horn. If you do and you will ever be unhappy down the line you will be hit with a major loss which you never really take if you buy a secondhand sax.

First of all, determine whether you need the low A or not. If you are playing in a big band, you probably do, if you are playing solo in a small ensemble you probably don’t.

This makes looking for a baritone a very different thing.

If you need the low A probably (with very few exceptions) you would be better off with a more contemporary (still secondhand) horn.

Yanagisawa and Yamaha (but even the humbler but better models of Jupiter!) are the usual suspects in the secondhand Low A category within your reach. Mark VI or SA 80 II are not going to be an option, probably, but there is no harm in looking around, asking and flashing your cash.

Don’t be afraid to look at unusual suspects too! I have sold a Grassi with low A to a Dutch member for a very small amount of cash and he is still thanking me! Weltklang? B&S? Dolnet?

If you don’t need the low A (although Martin, Buescher and Keilwerth have had some low A baritones) the choice is big.

Martin, Buescher, King, Conn, Keilwerth, all good stuff!


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