Baritone sax DEMO time!


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I recently got a couple of baritone saxes, 1 is a sad story the other not sad, first baritone was an ebay "bad beat" so to speak, it arrived to me unplayable and not worth fixing so it is now just an ornament I was 100% gutted as i was so looking forward to playing it!
THEN better news, i got another baritone sax (from here in Norway), not so beaten up but still needing some work to get it playing properly so having spent this last week fixing it up the "beast" i knocked together this morning a brief demo, it is 2 demo's in 1 really as i also decided to customize a King metal mouthpiece and i have and made an epoxy baffle now this set up really sings! i like it, what do you people think? some may prefer a mellow baritone sound but sorry, i like a baritone that roars aswell! personal taste :)

anyway, enough of me blabbering on here is the Beast!

Yea big,beefy beasty tones. Nice to see you bring her back to life. Nice demo dude.
cheers me owld mucka!
the live sound is HUGE, even louder than my superking! it is a BEAST of a baritone, i like it, now i fixed it up....sweet looking too now i delaquered some parts of it.
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