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Saxophones Bari Sax?


Hertfordshire, England
Hi everybody,

My music teacher at college has no bari players, so I voluntered to play, (I have previous experience with a yanigasawa bari) and I played the school bari and it was awful! Mother of pearl keys were missing, the mouthpiece was green, I struggled to get the notes out and could make it from palm key f to G and my music teacher struggled to play, not to mention the smell. I carried the bari home, (OUCH! Pulled muscle in my back) and struggled to play it even though I changed I did various different things with my mouth and took it back two days later. (The bari sax said Adolphe Sax on it!?)

So this brings me to my question, where could I get a reasonable quality bari? I have seen gear 4 music, (am unsure) and found an offer on
anybody know anywhere else? I know saving is required but I play bari alot in various groups and if I had one it would be useful.

Cheers in advance
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Der Wikinger

Silvis, IL USA
This one should work

Bauhaus-WALSTEIN Baritone Saxophone - Bronze Body, Lacquer Key Work .

Key of Eb - Range Low A to High F#. Double Hinge on Low A to create lightness of action. Adjustable thumb rest. Hand hammered detachable bell. Double key arm on low C. Domed metal resonators - leather pads. Adjustable key guard felts for venting and tuning. Three-point bell to body bracing. Three-vent octave mechanism - helps to facilitate clarity and tuning when playing G, G# and A with the octave key.
Blue steel needle springs. Detachable, adjustable "spike" - useful for players who need extra support Comes complete with mouthpiece, ligature and cap and wood-shell black canvas covered case with wheels. Each instrument has been throughly checked and played by a fully qualified technician/player. Impressive and substantial instrument with good projection and intonation across the range.

In Stock for immediate delivery £25 UK destination overseas please ask for a quote. Price: £2249.00
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You could always persuade the school to get it's bari serviced. If it really is an early A Sax bari, it's probably worth a bit.... THe green motuhpiece is normal with old hard rubber mouthpieces. Just keep it away from hot water - that's probably what made it go green in the first place. That and old age.

Pete Thomas

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The Bauhaus walstein is incredible value for money. I have some sound clips on my site, pro quality.


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Old sax? New Sax?

Hi. I think that it is good advice to check out the sax that you have. Old sax doesn't mean bad sax. Maybe it can be renovated to make it into a good instrument for a lot less than the cost of a new horn? The other contributor is right about the green mouthpiece - hot water causes that (but at least shows that someone has made an effort to clean it at some point! Could be worse - could be furry inside!!).

Our own Cadence sax is well rated. Seal used a brace of them (he had two rigs) in his horn section for his European tour during the summer. UK price £1747 inc vat and you can get them in Germany from Don's Music (0049 (0)6841 9935929). Whichever way you go - happy honking.

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