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During our little jaunt over to the pool of life ie scouse land and a meeting at trimmy's,Ade had a tenor mpc fitted with a Bari synthetic reed and I knew I had one in my box of tricks so I got it out and gave it a try and it really wasn't bad at all, I remember when I first got it that I thought it was awful with a terrible sound but that was millennia ago and now it was a completely different animal with lots to offer and has been firmly affixed to my SA80 ever since.its funny how much things change as you progress around the learning curve,any one else enjoying the Bari synths.....John

Ps and by the way trimmy I would love a loan of that BLEECHER?mpc for a while if it's possible:thumb:
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Fraser Jarvis

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Yes tried a few, a hard, a med, a hard* and a soft. Couldn't get on with any of them to be honest, the last one a soft was like having a builders plank strapped to the mouthpiece so obviously a dud. I know someone who uses Bari soft and has done for a good few years and swears by them, they last him about 3 months before needing changing.


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In my experience, Bari* reeds vary a bit and quality control can be a rather lax. The first one I bought was cut way off centre and even had a thin ridge of uncut plastic down one side where the cutting head on the machine had missed. I emailed Bari about it and they apologised and sent me 4 replacements, all of which are cut slightly differently, but no where near as bad as the first one..
10 out of 10 for customer service, 4 out of ten for manufacturing tolerances..

The reeds themselves play ok-ish and are very bright sounding. I've filed and sanded the original mis-cut one and one of the others and they play a bit better now, but still not as good as my old Fibracell. They make a hell of a racket on my Metallite M11..

I'm going to order a Forestone for xmas and maybe investigate the new Hartmann hemp fibre reeds when the come out - I've got some gigs coming up next year and need to be ready..


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Liverpool ( Pool of Life )
Ps and by the way trimmy I would love a loan of that BEECHLER? mpc for a while if it's possible:thumb:
You are welcome to loan it John, i'll bring it along to our next meet :thumb: (slight edit) ;}
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