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So my exam's being done, I have decided to get back to the big guys. Tenor and Baritone. After a couple of mouths focussing on soprano and alto, I felt the need to lower my voice.

To make it even better, my wife is away so I can make all the noise I want in any key! Lately, I've had complaints when I practiced long tones on tenor and my baritone practice was not very well received the last time I had it.

Anyways. I had a great baritone session today. Started with my Berg Larsen 115/2 mouthpiece and enjoyed it. Then I thought I should give my Otto Link a go, but it was not as convincing, so I came back to the Berg, then switched the reeds. I started with a customized Alexander NY 2.5 on the Berg, then picked a RJS 3H for my OL 6*. Still very good with the Berg but no joy with the OL. I almost stopped there, but it felt so good I couldn't help but pick my PPT Signature 7, with a Marca Jazz 2. The softest reed I have. Wow, that went very well. So I tried the modified Alexander NY 2.5 and it's been great too. Not perfect. I left the road a few times, but that was nothing compared to what I used to do. I'm starting to feel the potential of that mouthpiece.

I think I'll have another bari session tomorrow before my wife comes back! :eek:

I have a feeling that I missed something. So I urgently need to have another go at it! :rolleyes:
Have fun, I've not played at home since Tuesday, I'm just having my morning cuppa deciding what to play today :)

It will probably be sop

There aren't enough hours in the day to play them all. I've got a tenor gig today but ever since my alto had a thorough service a couple of weeks ago (and I got a different mouthpiece which I'm loving), that's all I want to play. I haven't touched my Bari in weeks.
Got my Bari back on Friday after getting the neck refitted and a pants guard made up. Off to play it now
Got my Bari back on Friday after getting the neck refitted and a pants guard made up.
I've just googled "Baritone sax in y-fronts" but the results are disappointingly safe for work
Not a serious practice session on bari tonight, but wife being out for a girly night, :rolleyes:, I'm with the younger males of the family and free to play later than usual, especially as the kids don't go to school tomorrow, I had a late want for a quick test.

While I went downstairs to get another glass of rosé from the 'cubi' in the second fridge, I remembered I have a bari Fibracell 2.5 reed that might be a good match for my Berg Larsen mouthpiece. o_O

Well, I was quite right. It does sound like a good match. Only trouble, I suspect it is with any Fibracell reed, is that it tends to move too easily between the lig and the mpc. So I'm curious to know if there is a way to avoid that. In other words, prevent the reed from slipping sideways. :eek:
Not being flippant, either tighten the lig more, or get a better fitting one. On Bari PPT I use a Faxx which Pete used to sell modified to fit. On tenor I've been using a Marc Jean for years. He does make for the bari PPT, there's a thread about it if you search.

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Thanks Kev. That was not on the PPT, but a Berg Larsen that requires a tenor lig. I used a BG Super Revelation that has a brass plate and that doesn't help. I tried the standard one today with a rubber plate and it help hold the reed in place. I still have to try that on the PPT, but I was called for an emergency. The BBQ was waiting for me to get started... :rolleyes: It's ascension week-end here, and a country wide 'viaduc', bridge or whatever you might call it when you link a bak holiday to the adjacent week-end! :cool: Probably a French specialty! We're always prompt to take advantage ot the situation to stop working... :D

So, if I'm not too busy preparing the next BBQ, I'll probably get back to my bari+PPT practice tomorrow before the America's Cup qualifiers get underway. :p

I'm in Bermuda mood these days and the weather is here to support that! ;)
Took me until today and wearing bermuda* shorts too, to finally try my fibracell 2.5 reed with the PPT mouthpiece and it's working great. So I think, I'll stick to that setup on bari for a while, until I have it really under control.

But before that, I'm trying to keep cool until the action starts in Bermuda! Half an hour from now... :banana:

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