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I've recently switched from alto to Bari and I can't find a comfortable harness. At the minute I'm borrowing my friends jazzlab harness which is fine for half an hour but last night I played an hour concert and this morning I woke up with real bad shoulder pain. I'm going on tour this summer so really could do with an good harness! I', only 17 and not very strong so would prefer one that spreads the weight easily. If anybody could give me some advice that would be great!
Thank you, Livy

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The Jazzlab has to be adjusted to fit properly - it comes with instructions on what to do and how to do it. Should be on their web site I would guess?
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My next bari harness is going to be a BG. Nice hook. I haven't found any shop that sell them but you always ask the UK agent.

I use a Thomann S 20 HS saxophone harness. It is the most comfortable harness I have tried.
Thomann S 20HS Saxophone Harness – Thomann Mobile

I'm looking for a comfortable harness for my baritone, wanting to be able to play when seated or standing.

Some of the ones I've tried before hold the instrument too close in and some seem to be quite awkward to put on.

I have been thinking about the BG harness, either Standard or Comfort model (with pads on the shoulder straps) and the metal snap hook. I'm not sure whether I would need the L or XL size for men. I'm 1.88m tall and getting wider. Although lots of UK shops do sell BG accessories, not many seem to stock all the various models and sizes.

The Thomann harness looks interesting and is much cheaper, but it is said to be for men, women and adolescents and for any size saxophone, so I wonder how well it would fit me and my baritone.

Any thoughts ?



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I have found it very difficult to find a good bari harness for sitting - they tend to slip or put a lot of the weight on one shoulder.
So I now use different supports for sitting and standing.

I have got one of the new Jazzlab Saxholders, and I use it when standing - it seems more comfortable than the old model.
For sitting, I am using an Adams stand.

The best harness for me was the Thomann one.

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@MandyH uses a harness she likes
And I bought one - latest incarnation is the Freeneck 8.1There's no weight on the shoulders or neck at all (it's transferred to the hip/waist belt)



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I hope I'm not out of line for saying this, but your profile pic suggests you might want to think about your posture, as well as what harness to use. That looks like a recipe for some nasty back problems down the years. Unless you have some physical disability, in which case, ignore me.


It is true of everyone, posture, mental focus and breathing first, sound next, twiddly bits last.

I took lessons for the first time in longer than I would care to mention and had not realised my posture was terrible (not obvious to me or the casual passer by). The first thing my teacher did was adjust me and my jazz lab harness so I felt like I was leaning backwards (after years of subtle stoop)

I had been to the GP and physio with back neck and shoulder issues. It was all posture combined with insufficient exercise/ stretching.

Money spent on a fastidious professional teacher to guide on posture etc are good for your health and saxophone playing even if a couple of lessons then a gap (I have realised I am stooping again having not seen him for a while !)

(disclaimer I am not a saxophone teacher but can point anyone in the Bristol area to one who has transformed things for me)
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