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Band in a Box conversion

Josh Johnson

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Rochester, Kent
My old PC has finally shuddered to a halt and I have been forced on to a Sony laptop that runs on Vista.

I have a 2006 version of Band in a Box for XP that will not run on Vista.

Is there some way of converting the software I already have so it runs on Vista?

Any help will be gladly appreciated.
That's odd ... I also have the 2006 BIAB version and run it both on my XP desktop and on Vista laptop (even though I personally think Vista is pretty chronic generally). Not everything works on VISTA though ... for some reason they left out the Windows Help system, so anything using it (BIAB being one of many many packages) won't respond to Help any more. Does your BIAB 'completely not work' or is it just some parts not working ... if so which parts? What happens when you attempt to run it ... are any messages appearing on screen that might give an idea what the problem is? I'm seriously thinking of putting XP on my notebook in place of Vista as I find its really a 'pain in the posterior region' to use!
Personally, I'd convert the laptop and make it run on XP.
Interesting this. I have BIAB 2008 version and am running it on my laptop which has Vista. There a few little probs with BIAB, a few things don't work properly when putting in music from the keyboard. Inserting slurs doesn't always work, or it is a bar behind, and doesn't show until I put the next slur in.
Also clef separation is wrong. The lowest note I can insert in the melody line is C. To insert B and Bb I have to run the curser right down to just above the base line when B shows. Clicking on it doesn't place a high B in the base line, but low B on the melody line. There are a few other little glitches like that, ie first and 2nd endings wont insert correctly. Not a great problem, as I can write them in after printing, but a bit annoying.
So maybe BIAB is not ideal for Vista.
There's no way to break this gently; Vista is a pile of poo! It is so memory hungry that many previously compatible programmes will not run on it. I bought a new PC last summer and paid for Vista to be replaced with XP. If this is an option for you I would consider it and you should find that BIAB works fine.

Good luck.
ok, thanks for the advice, I'll look into it ant if the cost is compatible with my rapidly dwindling bank account will consider, otherwise will just have to plod on:(
No. Do not get a Mac. It will only lower the self esteem of us Apple Fanboys. :)

Saint Steve rules, although how he does it on one dollar a year, is beyond my comprehension. :confused:
Can you not run it in XP compatibility mode?

As I remember there was an option of different systems, including Vista to click on when first loading it. Was thinking of clearing it and re-loading to see if it makes a difference.

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