Band Concert 4 Apr


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Anyone not busy cutting their grannies' toe nails or doing the late shift on community service on Sat 4th April at 7pm is more than welcome to come along to the Fairfield Hall, part with some dosh, and sit down and listen to a joint concert by the Central band of the Royal British Legion and The Royal Marines School of Music.

A night of great musical entertainment, with some trad, swing, an overture, Haydns organ concerto plus much much more but none of that ultra modern concert stuff that sounds like the record is at the wrong speed and being played backwards!

why not pop along and hear me parp on me bari sax!

more info here:

Anyone from the "Sarf Lundun Massive" not in attendance will be gettin an interview from "da management" ya know wot I meeen.

Pee Dee

Griff's concert

Sounds like a great night Griff, just wish it was a bit closer. Can you do it at the Lighthouse in Poole? I'd be there like a shot!
These Londoners get all the luck:crying:

old git

Tremendous Bore
Just in case I can't make it and so wonder what dreadful revenge Griff might wreak on my Hanson, (who said "Nothing can be worse than your playing."?) any one know Stephen's address?
Which do you prefer Griff, tomatoes or cabbages? >:)

Young Col

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OK Griff, it's a fair cop guv'nor, I'll come quietly. You've heard from the boss but we can't speak for "bike chain" Smiffy as he's away doing a bit of business.
Sounds like a good evening.

Pete - I'd not seen the crying smily before. It should be kept for people who hear me play. Or perhaps :w00t:


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