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Bad reaction to Sax



Hi all,
I started playing 35 years ago as a teenager (nearly gave away my age), started on clarinet took a few exams then bought a sax. So far so good. All of a sudden I started getting a reaction to the instrument, whenever I played a couple of days later I had mouth ulcers if I stopped playing they went away. Tried everything to stop it but no luck so I gave up the instrument. A couple of years back I found my old clarinet and gave it a blow NO ULCERS ! I thought great I can start again. As I am older and have some spare cash I rushed out and blew the lot on new instruments. All was good for a year or two now the problem is back. So haven't played for a while.
Any ideas?

Is the saxophone mouthpiece metal? Kind of nickel allergy is what comes to mind.
Or an allergy to the reeds? Could you try a synthetic reed?
Thanks for the advice, here is what I've tried. It started with the clarinet so the mouth piece was hard rubber. I have tried metal gold plated, hard rubber, glass and whatever exotic material the PT mouth pieces are made from. Cane, plastic and plastic coated reeds. All manner of disinfectants and cleaning methods always clean my teeth before playing etc. I'm really stumped, what I don't get is how it's Ok for a year or two then starts again, I was wondering if it was pressure as I start to blow harder (clutching at straws here).
Warren the ulcers are inside your mouth?
Not in a location on your lips that would suggest a contact allergy?

Someone here was/ is a dentist, maybe they will offer advice soon?
. All manner of disinfectants and cleaning methods always clean my teeth before playing etc.

You're being too clean, leave some bacteria in your gob ;} I haven't a clue :confused:
Are they always in the same place? If so, maybe it's sharp spots on your teeth.
Thanks for all the suggestions, the new update is that I have had other people play all my instruments using my mouthpieces and reeds nobody has had any reaction, so it's just me. I have had some time off playing to let thing settle down and started again with one day a week so far so good. I will try two days and see how it goes. The up side is my banjo playing is coming on a treat now I just need to find that lost book of old time Bluegrass Saxophone;}
I should know better, working with computers. "everything exists and is available via the internet"


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