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Backing tracks


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Hello Guys
Wonder if anyone can help me? I'm looking to get a set of modern songs that i can play around my area. I have about 6 decent backing tracks from artists such as:

Alicia Keys - If i ain't got you
George Michael - Roxanne
Corrinne Bailey Rae - Breathless
Adele - Make you feel my love
I wonder if anyone could give me some more suggestions? I play by ear so i'm not a reader and i find when i practice i have to play along to songs such as the above but i'm getting kind of sick of playing the same all songs (6 of them) i'm looking for around 12ish!

Also can anyone give me a good structure for general practising?

Thanks Guys


Hi Xasotla,

Well if you ever go down the Jazz route the [h=3]Jamey Aebersold Jazz recordings are great. Even if you don't read you could pick up the melody by ear[/h]if it's a beginner CD/Book you purchase.

You could buy BIAB - (band in a box) I think you can get files for popular songs load them up in your PC and off you go. You can play over these backing track as often as you want..

Hope this helps


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