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What do you all use for backing tracks??I only ask because in a former life as a guitar player(arghhhhh):shocked:I used BiaB...Found it very good for backing tracks,and I never had a drummer or bass player that not turn up,plus the piano player comps only what you tell him.

I don't perform with backing tracks but find BiaB is brilliant for testing your sight reading skills -I have the realbook files for BiaB and like to put random tracks on and play along from the notation - it is a great way to get you used to keeping going and not stopping if you go wrong.

I do find that the original BiaB tracks can be a bit too clinical for a live performance. There are specialist backing track producers out there that do a much better job - or some Karaoke tracks are also useable - but I guess it depends on what styles you want to play.
Hi Filton,which version of BiaB are you using?I'm on 2011,I felt some of the solo's can become a little predictable at times,like you I have the realbook files as well,so I have just started using those for sight reading.I transpose the melody so I can try and read for the tenor.

Hmm I 'think' I am on the latest version. I have had BiaB ever since it was first released and have watched it grow through so many changes I can't remember how far it has got - and unfortunately it is on my RackPC and no the laptop I am working on so I can't check.

I do love it but am just not sure it has enough 'realism' for live work. However as a practice tool it is good. I am lucky enough to have a brother-in-law that is a very good drummer and a brother that is a semi-pro bassist so prefer to use 'the real thing' .
I've busked to a few tracks that I've made with Biab. Sadly my technical skills let me down. I do think that Biab is great though.
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I have used Jazzbacks and aerbersold for backing tracks,although i only use them at home you could play them out on a gig,the quality of the tracks is fine.

Thanks Chris ...

I have downloaded them and will try to learn to play along ...

That will get me working mate ... lol ;}

Hi Chris, I use a Iphone app called IReal book - it gives you chords and you can change key signature, from a docking station with speakers you can play along!
Hi Chris, I can say I have used BIAB extensively from 2005, I find it suits me to mess and fiddle with the tempos and styles until I get the right feel for me. Once tweeked and transposed I then convert to MP3 or wave format, I can then import to magix for recording, or download to my MP3 player which I plug into my PA. Not exactly the professional mix but then I only perform to the old folks and they seem to like it all the same.
Hi everyone,need help in storing backing tracks in one device.I have nano ipod,and have read that i need to use itunes to transfer them onto nano.Also have zoom recorder,can i put tracks onto that?.Have tried putting tracks into windows media player,but when i connected ipod it will not recognise nano.I just want backing tracks on one device so i know they are all there instead of looking through cd collection.By the way i am not techy at all.Bumnote.
For ipod you need itunes. Open itunes and copy file from pooter to itunes from itunes menu. No internet needed for this. Connect ipod and select add to device. Do not click shuffle or sync.
Do you have a music player on your phone? Much simpler. Connect, drag and drop.
I don't have a zoom.

Could try this. I don't have pod so can't test it.

Here's How to Connect Your iPod to a PC​

You may already have iTunes installed on your PC. If not, download it from Apple—it's free—and install it on your desktop or laptop computer. Your iPod came with a cable that has a USB connector at one end and a dock connector on the other. It probably came with a partial charge, but if not, charge the iPod before you connect it to your computer.

  1. Plug the dock connector end of the cable into the dock connector slot on the bottom of the iPod. Then plug the USB end of the cable into a USB port on your PC.

  2. When you do this, iTunes should automatically launch—if it's not already running—and the iPod screen lights up. If iTunes doesn't start automatically, open it.

  3. Follow iTunes as it walks you through the process of setting up your iPod. The directions vary somewhat depending on the model and generation of the iPod you have. Most of the steps apply only the first time you set up the iPod. After that, whenever you connect the iPod to your computer, iTunes launches and takes you directly to the iPod Management Screen.
Your iPod is set up and ready for use.

Each time you want to add or remove content from your iPod, plug it into your PC and manage what's being synced to it in iTune
Hi Vetinari and Colinnthanks for reply,yes sorry am aware of itunes,did have it before,but my computer got hacked and had to have it rest,it was previously windows8,but reset it went to windows 10,i could not get used to it.When tried to put itunes back on computer,it asks for windows 10,so i did not bother.Do i need to download a app for phone to work.?Thanks.
I use windows its easier for me with an android phone... I have bought a 12" windows tablet and transfer from my home pc via a 1TB portable storage device so I always have a back up.....I dont use backing tracks per se and a programme called 4k you tube to MP3 means that I can always get the original of the song I want to play...System works fine from karaoke version too....I like this method as you can get a windows remote controller to pause forward play etc the tracks so as you don't have to keep putting the sax down...
.Also have zoom recorder,can i put tracks onto that?
You can. Either
  • plug it in to the PC via USB and a disk will appear on to which you can copy your tracks
  • or use the SD card you probability have in the zoom. Take it out, put it in the PC, copy files, put it back in the zoom
But navigating around files on the zoom is a bit fiddly.

Don't you have a smartphone you can use?

Do i need to download a app for phone to work.?
Android or Apple?
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I've been tempted by BiaB several times but I can never work out what you get, unless you buy the whole package which seems a bit OTT for my wants, or what else I would need alongside the basic package. Since I'm not interested in the rock, pop, zydeco or whatever it seems like I would get a lot of stuff I don't want and not a lot of what I do want. I always think I wish they did a basic programme and a jazz package, get overwhelmed by the options and then I go and do something else.
I use an old out of use mobile phone as an mp3 player and just connect usb to pc and copy files to it using windows file explorer. Great for playing music in the summer house, it can also double as an fm radio.
You can. Either
  • plug it in to the PC via USB and a disk will appear on to which you can copy your tracks
  • or use the SD card you probability have in the zoom. Take it out, put it in the PC, copy files, put it back in the zoom
But navigating around files on the zoom is a bit fiddly.

Don't you have a smartphone you can use?

Android or Apple?
Android phone,samsung.

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