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Thought I would post this one in an open thread for a while. Had some fun trying out on tenor and bari but they both seem to like it.;}
The tune is " Born Free " it's in Ab, if you need the dots go to " Wikiphonia" and get the version you require. The track is here

Hope you like it:D

Jazz Improv

OK, how hard can it be? We all know what we want to play like!! But these guys seem to have notes on there sax's that we don't have.Or the key changes to quick to get a good idea of what is going on. Well not any more, there is no magic cure, no quick fix. But!! here I have tried to give you an example of a jazz tune its in one key, it just goes to the minor for the bridge. There is a pdf file of the sax part plus an mp3 so you can listen to how it sounds. Also there is a backing track with no sax, that's for you to play along to.
There are no repeats,so it is not to long about 1min 45sec.Have a look through it and have fun.The tune is in Eb so you alto guys if you play in C you won't find any wrong notes.The pdf has been transposed for alto as well. Tenor guys if you play in F you should be OK?

mp3 track
mp3 nosax
solo pdf


Re: Jazz Improv


I just moved these two posts from the paid subscribers forum as the links are public anyway.

Thanks as always, to Chris for providing these.

Lots more over in the paid subscribers section.
Re: Jazz Improv

that's very interesting! I do make backing tracks for myself all the time using finale & band in a box. It may be possible to use musescore in place of finale, dunno because I've never tried it. I'd share some of my stuff with you guys but I don't know how.
Re: Jazz Improv

Jack, have you ever used BiaB to write music with? I use it all the time.. Plus it will notate melodies and solos that it creates as well..
All good stuff.

Re: Jazz Improv

I find BIAB awkward for notation entry. I use Finale to enter the melody and then save to a midi file. Open the midi in BIAB, and then add background, solos and whatever. Then save back to a midi, load in to Finale, and have parts for all band members.

If you know an easier way please tell me. I have found no "tutorial books" for biab.
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