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I see there are numerous sources of background tracks are available on internet. But what is the criteria for selection?Should tempo of background track match with piece I am playing on sax? If answer is yes, then how I will know the tempo of background track. Any internet reading sources ??

Just to tell about myself, I am still a beginner with 2 years experience.

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The only criteria for picking a backing track is if you like it.

However free and buyable backing track limit you to someone else's idea of how things should go. You play to the backing track. There are some apps that let you adjust the pitch and tempo but there's a limit to how much you can adapt the track before it starts to sound unreal.

A handy tool is Band in a Box. There's a data base of hundreds of tracks already done which you can play or adapt or you can simply write your own arrangement from scratch, in whatever key you like and whatever tempo suits and however long. It's quick and easy to re do if you need a change.

The only downside is that when I'm playing with a BiaB backing track, the backing gets as many comments as my playing. Which is annoying lol

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