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In august I posted that I was going to start playing again, after a 10 year break,
and asked some questions about buying a new bari sax.
Now I made my choice and it is a Yanagisawa.
I doubted between the Yani and a system 54, but some pro players convinced me
the Yani was a much better choice.

Now I am starting to play on my old mouthpiece (Selmer SA80-F) and a n° 3 Vandoren bluebox reed,
but I find it is a bit too hard to start with, so I switched to the stock N° 5 Yani mpc.
No probs with the lower (pp on low A, and high register, but the sound of the middle register (mostly D-F-G-A)
is not so good and sometimes drops an octave lower, or I get a mix of the lower and middle octave,
and things are not always in tune either, it is difficult to get control on things.

As I play more (lots of long tone scales, along with my keyboard to hear the tuning of each note),
and my brand new reed starts getting a bit more flexible,
I feel things are getting better.
in order to have some fun also , I switch between these long tones and some tunes I like,
while playing the tunes I uncounciently start moving my embouchure in all kinds of unwanted ways,
at a certain moment, I even caught myself playing with a double lip embouchure.
So I feel I really have to go back to the basics of embouchure building and sight reading again.
I guess there are no shortcuts :crying:.

Anyone have some tips to get up to speed again asap ?
Oh it won't take long, and to keep things interesting how about playing along to some of your favourite CD's or even some of Chris' backing tracks?
As if by magic, Chris posts next.. Cheers for that Pete.

Marc if you want any backing tracks just check ot my website you can email me direct from there...


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