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Back from holiday


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2 weeks away from the sax. I won't bore you with how great it was to travel to Italy on a bike, stay near Florence, see some great cities and works of art and experience the Italian bike grand prix - oh, it seems I have already. Anyway, it's not all brilliant - beer is about six quid a pint :w00t:

Got the tenor out tonight and had a good blow - after a few minutes, felt like I had never been away. In fact it felt ridiculously easy - I was busking away and felt kind of liberated, doing riffs I had never tried before and pulling them off. Felt so confident that I eventually went completely mad and started playing an old Brilhart piece that I have never been able to work with before, and it played like a peach....

Tomorrow, no doubt I will be back to squeaking and honking as usual. If only post-holiday euphoria lasted the remaining 50 weeks of the year........:(


Welcome home to sunny Daventry Bill.

Reality bits hard and deep! Could we be witnessing the birth of another Brilhart fan?

We sure missed you on Thursday nite, I was the brass section! I just couldn't blow hard enough.
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