Back from holiday


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2 weeks away from the sax. I won't bore you with how great it was to travel to Italy on a bike, stay near Florence, see some great cities and works of art and experience the Italian bike grand prix - oh, it seems I have already. Anyway, it's not all brilliant - beer is about six quid a pint :w00t:

Got the tenor out tonight and had a good blow - after a few minutes, felt like I had never been away. In fact it felt ridiculously easy - I was busking away and felt kind of liberated, doing riffs I had never tried before and pulling them off. Felt so confident that I eventually went completely mad and started playing an old Brilhart piece that I have never been able to work with before, and it played like a peach....

Tomorrow, no doubt I will be back to squeaking and honking as usual. If only post-holiday euphoria lasted the remaining 50 weeks of the year........:(


West Row, Suffolk
Welcome home to sunny Daventry Bill.

Reality bits hard and deep! Could we be witnessing the birth of another Brilhart fan?

We sure missed you on Thursday nite, I was the brass section! I just couldn't blow hard enough.
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