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I was the organiser of a concert last week - a performance of Bach's St. Matthew Passion with period instrument orchestra. The concert was fab (weather notwithstanding) but we had some splendid instruments.

  • Wooden baroque flutes, which were very nice
  • baroque oboes - video here
  • Oboe da caccia - this is a weird beast, sounds a fifth lower than an oboe - look here; video here
  • Oboe d'amore - not quite as weird - here - only a third lower
  • Baroque strings
  • Harpsichord
  • ... and a bass viol played by the cello continuo player in one of the bass arias - video here

However, the most sublime was probably David Lewis on baroque violin playing Erbame dich

It's a long concert though - we started at 7pm and with a 20 minute interval at 8.15 we finished just before 10, somewhat cold as medieval cathedrals are not generally known for their heating...

Here's a picture from the concert. Those who know me and who have very good eyesight might be able to work out where I am...


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Good news OG, noI don't! The St. Matthew doesn't have any brass at all, unlike the B minor Mass or the Christmas Oratorio. My first encounter with natural horns was the B minor Mass - player has a box with what looks liek a pile of plumbing parts - a series of coils (crooks) of tubing, a different one for each key.

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