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Began watching some old Frosty episodes recently. Havent watched any since picking up the sax eighteen months ago. Tingling music from Barbara Thompson, how did it never hit me before?
Hi Mike if memory serves:headscratch: me this has come up before. Griff, replied to a post about the " Frost " theme:mrcool. saying that at the time he looked after Barbra Thompsons sax's, the OP in this case was looking for the dots for the said piece of music. I have no idea if anything came of it though.. Hopefully Griff will chip in and answer that one:thumb:..

Barbara Thompson is an awesome player! She unfortunately has Parkinson's Disease. She can really swing!

Her website:

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Barbara is a lovely Lady and great player, she does indeed have Parkinsons disease. I havent seen Barbara in a while but she has been in the shop when I havent been there and she still does a lot of composing. The last time I saw Barbara I'd just fixed her Soprano and dropped it off at her studio where I met her husband who is a very nice guy. Barbara had recently recorded her arrangement of Giant Steps and she kindly send me a copy of the transcription.
No two ways, she is a great. Sorry to hear of her condition. Can she still play? Thanks for the info about her. I just cannot get over the quality of the performance on that theme tune.

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