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B & S Sonora Tenor


Well-Known Member
It's a belter. B & S Sonora tenor. OK, it's not exactly the most sophisticated sax ever made, it's an East German brute of a thing. But it has a great, raunchy tone, and blasts out the volume. Plays right through the range. Has a suitably Communistical Weltklang mouthpiece. Has a dent in the bow, nothing that affects playing in any way. Otherwise in good nick. Better built than the East German cars of that era.

Weltklang.jpgWeltklang upper.jpg

Look, it's not a Selmer Mk VI, but what it is, is a good loud pub rock gig type sax. And it's £160, plus P & P (or collect from London). A playing tenor for a hundred and sixty quid.

5% to charity fund.
you'd probably get twice the price Jon's asking if it was sold on Ebay in Germany...

btw, fwiw Weltklang was a B&S brand.
Any interest? I might consider an offer close to the asking price. If no interest by tomorrow it's going on eBay.

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