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B&S " condor" Baritone + Berkley of London case


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the Netherlands
Well, I sort of offered this horn for sale in the other thread concerning the Borgani curved soprano so I might as well give it its proper place here.

The horn is in good state only the additional neck brace (this horn apparently had two) is missing, I haven't had that one replaced as it would ruin the lacquer on the curl. Only a minor dent on the initial part of the curl and some missing lacquer on the bow which has to be a sign of some bow undenting) Original sealing pads with metal boosters.

The case is a rather rare great Berkeley of london case.

Asking for a firm 1600 euro no extra shipping because I will require personal collection which, from England is relatively easy if you come by bus to Holland (I would meet you anywhere). I find the idea of shipping a baritone just simply not feasible, let alone the fact that the postal service only insures it for a maximum of 500 euros without any possibility to increase the insurance.

In case of selling on this site I would donate 150 euro to Pete's fund


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I will be adding a Runyon 88 5 to this deal and reduce the price to 1500 € if this helps enticing anybody to come over and get a great low A baritone for a very decent price
If I had the money, you wouldn't have needed to make that last post...
But, isn't it nice that I did? :) you are in Germany, much closer still! Soon is going ;} >:)na be Xmas , the ideal present for you would be this horn........ tantalising isn't it?
You know you want to Kev, just think of all those lovely "parp parp" noises you could be making!!! ;}
& B&S are excellent saxes! This is a bargain for someone.... Sadly not me.
Cheers Kev, thanks for your support! I wish I could offer this to you for less, but I can't! If it doesn't sell here it will sell somewhere else and if not now it will in future, it takes a bit of space but not too much and occasionally I play it, although baritones are not my cup of........coffee;} :)
Ok I am slashing this down to 1300€. (100€ for charity , remember, local pick up) .....the discount should cover for the whole or most of the bus fare to Holland....let's see if this helps anybody to come to come to pick this up
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