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B&H Emperor Clarinet


Formerly saxgirl22
England, UK
After my recent purchase I am deciding to part with my B&H Emperor clarinet. It's unusually not wooden, silver plated keywork with the nailfile L/H key. In excellent condition playing from top to bottom with a wonderful clear sound. No issues with corks or anything else. Just a wonderful quality instrument. Comes with a tatty but functional case. No mouthpiece as I only have the one and now it's going on my Penzel Mueller clari as it seems to suit.
They don't make them like this anymore - I just have no need for two clarinets. PM for photos
£250 with post costs covered and 5% to the fund

Thank you
If anyone here buys this and needs a mouthpiece, drop me a PM. I'm sure I've got a couple of B & H mouthpieces somewhere which will suit the bore of this thing.

Great clarinets, these, I've had a wooden Emperor for the last thirty five years.
still for sale. I've had no interest at my current asking price so £180 with postage inclusive
It's a worthwhile investment!
still for sale. I've had no interest at my current asking price so £180 with postage inclusive
It's a worthwhile investment!

It sure is. I bought a pair of these back in 1975 and they have been playing great ever since. When Boosey & Hawkes bought Buffet they transferred woodwind production to Buffet. The Emperor is now the E13 and costs around £1300.

Thank you :)
It really is nice and there aren't many come up on eBay. I guess that's because they are keepers. If it doesn't sell I'll obviously keep but a buyer would be nice as I'd like a holiday to Malta this year! haha

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