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Saxophones B and S Soprano? Got any Info?


Woodbridge, Suffolk
Hi all,

Ive recently bought (blind) a B and S Soprano Sax, from the picture it looks like one of the later models due to the modern B and S logo.
Has anyone out there got any info on the saxes as I know they weren't quite a household name, but it would be nice to know if what ive bought was worth it? Even perhaps to pass on for a quick buck to keep me through uni.
I saw a similar looking one up on cybersax I think for $1400. (that'd be nice)
Looks in good nick, should be here in the next couple of days so fingers crossed it wont be a load of ****.
If anyone knows where there is a serial number classification so I can get the exact age would be much appreciated,

Thanks guys.


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Just north of Munich
Germany/Austria had a huge instrument making area, centereed around Markneukirchen and spreading to Graslitz (Kraslice in Czech) in what is now the Czech republic.

Post WWII all the German makers in the area were nationalised, in a series of moves, into B&S. Same happened in Czech(oslovakia) where the makers became Amati.

B&S made many brands, and for other makers e.g. Guardala. Most famous is Weltklang.

No idea about the sops. Should be OK, but not as refined as a Yani or a Yamaha. In Germany the blue labels and later are really well thought of, but outside here opinions tned to vary from OK to agricultural.

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