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Axis Saxophone Quartet or Saxophone overdose!


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Yes, on Friday night I almost suffered from saxophone overdose: went to see the Axis Saxophone Quartet at the Wigmore Hall and it was rather overwhelming! Did anyone else here went?

The music wasn't your straight ahead jazz (must confess that I had not heard their music before), more a mix of contemporary, baroque, jazz and whatever else you could hear in it! All the compositions were originals to the quartet (apart from a Sonny Rollins penned encore). I have to say I had to concentrate so much as there was so much happening with all four saxes.
I was expecting Joshua Redman's playing to be sparkling (and it was!) but the rest of the guys weren't so bad either.
particularly enjoyed Chris Potter's playing: fantastic phrasing and a great sound on all saxes (sop-alto-tenor), he had the alto and tenor sound I particularly like, very upfront but nice, rich and full!

On a more technical note, I dont' think I've ever been so close to 3 (out of 4) Selmer BA tenors in my life! At the end of the gig, Joshua Redman thanked Yanagisawa for the use of their saxes (they weren't even playing their own instruments!!!! Apart from the tenors of course) and a retailer (didn't catch their name) for organising the loan.

I would definetely recommend catching them live.
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