Aussie Sop mouthpiece & Carrot


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Out in the Countryside of Nelson NZ
This morning saw Linsey Pollak perform, in the Nelson Art Festival.
He specailizes in weird musical instruments, like plastic tubing with rubber diaphram attached (cut's up plastic rubbish bags) also puts a Soprano sax mouthpiece on a carrot which was very musical, he's been at this a long time, also uses a rubber glove as a bag for a homemade bagpipe.. here's his web site,
( http://www.linseypollak.com/) worth a look see,
also played with a steel tube folding chair, a feather duster flute, and a garden watering can (plastic)
He also excited the hell out of me with the korg Kaosilater...a brilliant little device which loops and does amazing sounds, even got a kid out of the audience to play with it...he was lost in playing with it (sounded good too) while Linsey sat down in the audience.....it's that addictive..it could see that!

Just Google it...there's also lots of it on You tube!
Hmmmm..... better go and blow me sax before I spin of the planet with excitement.

cheers & ciao
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