Saxophones Augu Alto Sax - Who's heard of this one? Have you played it too!?


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Near Lutterworth, Leics.


In my "travels" I've stumbled across a 1938 Louis Augu "Junior" Alto for sale.

Pricey (for me!) but supposedly rare.

Anyone have any info about this sax?

From what I can find, he was born in 1881 as here:|en&hl=fr&ie=UTF8

More here:


Mention of the Junior model here:


The current owner believes the bell to be solid silver.


Thanks for any info.






He also has a rather nice Buffet Dynaction Alto from 1955.

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I have seen a very similar saxophone under a different “ Brand” ........Paul Buescher ...... This was a shop in Paris and they had several makers producing for them

as you can see the horn in question has an identical clothes guard and several other identical details but has the B and Bb on the opposite side.



On the same blog the Dutch collector that own this horn says that after a correspondence with the Wind Instrument collectors of France,, they suggested that it might have been made by Maurice Boiste ( see the very distinctive design of the Keywork!), while it had ben previously attributed to Pierret.

See here for Reference (in German)

And here more
Looks good. Nice key guards. Are you going to buy it David?
Looks good. Nice key guards. Are you going to buy it David?

It's £675. The problem is that being unknown it will be rather sticky if (when?) I decide to sell it on.

Anyone else interested, let me know and I'll put you in touch with the seller.

I have two pals who may be interested. Please PM details. Would you get as much for the silver - scrap? What is your next project?
I have two pals who may be interested. Please PM details. Would you get as much for the silver - scrap? What is your next project?

Will do, after lunch. If it's a pound of silver in the bell let's say, that's around £150 scrap value so a non-starter. How could you think of such a thing! :shocked:

I have a Buescher 400 alto which has gone to the tech for fettling today. If my engraving tests go well on scrap, I may set about it with my dremel! It's OK it's not a pre-Selmer one! ;}

Also thinking about a Martin Handcraft or Indiana. You sent me your short guide to Martin models which I think I deleted in error. Any chance of posting it on the forum as it was informative I seem to recall!?

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I will dig out what I have and post it up for you. Thomsax is a far more experienced Martin man and will also offer great advice. I am in the process of getting a Handcraft alto overhauled. The Indiana was a student horn - still great sound - but if you want a real nice player go for a Handcraft or Committee II or III. I am in the USA next month and will hopefully pick up a Martin Typewriter.

Also the tenors are very good at holding their price. Fantastic unique aound as well.

My pal bought the Conn 6M last week!!! Will be seeing him at the end of the month and let you know what condition it is in.
If you're interested in a Martin Indiana, shop carefully. They're pretty good horns, but some are much better, being essentially Martin's higher end saxes but with the Indiana branding. Look out for ones with adjustable right thumb hook and heart shaped left thumb button. Lovely for the money.
There's a reasonable chance that this sax is high pitch. Check before committing to buy.
Great information Andre, I was totally unfamiliar with this horn. Nice looking sax.
Cheers Mike. I must say that you don’t see many of these around.

I have been in touch several times with Mr. Denis Watel the secretary of the woodwind collector association of France and their blog reveals often some incredibly surprising jewels.


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