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Jazz Aubra Graves

I spotted him being mentioned in another thread. He really is something special.
That was great thanks.

I just had a rather embarrassing moment. Earlier this morning I had unplugged my headphones from my Pc so I could listen to something on my phone and I completely forgot about it. There was at least 40 people within listening distance when I clicked on the link above. In a state of panic, as I had no idea what was happening, I just held my fingure on the power button for a very long 5 seconds until my Pc switched off. Thankfully people were complaining that they were enjoying the music when my machine finally stopped.. I'm still feeling rather hot under the collar :shocked::doh::ashamed
Don't panic... just hit mute. I bought myself a keyboard with a volome wheel on it. very handy. They all should have one.

That clip is 5 years old check out some of his newer stuff.!

It gets worse: I have to admit to being an IT tech and should have known several ways to sort this out quickly but everyone was starring at me so I frantically hit Alt F4 several times and when that didn't work, I panicked. After your comment I have just been reminded that my old white Microsoft Ergonomic keyboard has all the volume, mute, play/pause buttons.
Great player, which mouth piece did you use on your 'Polka dots and moonbeams' Colin please? Was that you singing on that clip too?
Ive kept it on my desktop to play at leisure, I think its super!!!
Regards John
On Alto I use a BenDavis vocaltone which I've used it since the early 1980's. It's the only one I use on alto.

After listening to the track you mentioned the sound there is a happy convergence of, microphone, distance from microphone, ambience of the room, mood of player, reed happening to be in the zone, developing some small skill using recording techniques with audacity including picking and adding the right effect, getting some small proficiency in creating suitable backing tracks with BiaB and picking the right key that suits the sax and the voice.

I think if I recorded it again it would sound and feel different.
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I meant to thank you for posting this as well. I've downloaded it and always enjoy Aubra. Thanks again.

The man is a saxophone genius, how come you get mail from him, is that because you are subscribed to his channel.....John
I get an email from youtube because I'm following or subscribe or liked him. I forget which.
Thanks Colin. Isn't he great. Wonderful inspiration
More Power to his elbow I say.:hug:

I also thank him for keeping the value of old 10M`s high:)

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