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Atremis alto saxophone for sale or swop


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Hi All - have'nt posted for awhile but just got over a house move - been so long since our last I forgot just how stressful they can be, even if you get movers in!!!

onto this sax - I've tried everything, had it serviced which fixed some lower note problems and got a 4c mouthpiece but still does not feel right, so have decided to go back to the instrument I was trained in - the flute. No where near a sax but atleast it suits the classical stuff I play.

asking £100.00 plus postage is £16.00.

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had it serviced which fixed some lower note problems and got a 4c mouthpiece

I guess I should clearify that the 'some problems' does not refer to the instrument, that's working great now. Its more me and a continued inability to get them correctly that is.
Me nagging again, please say how much you'll be donating to the forum charity, thanks.
sorry bad spelling . to clarify I was asking if you had the case for it
ye its got a hard box case - also a pull through, one of those fluffy things down the length of it, strap.
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