Athlon 64 3000 based PC

Il Padrino

Includes the following components:

Athlon 64 3000 (Intel 3.2Ghz equivalent)

(64 bit OS Compatible)

200GB Seagate HD
512mb RAM
64mb Via IGP Graphics
DVD/CD drive
9 in 1 card reader (reads all memory sticks/photo cards)
7 x USB 2.0 ports
(Extra 512mb add £10, 128mb Graphics card add £15, Firewire card add £5)

(Contact me regards software - currently XP with SP3 is installed).

£135 plus £8.50 delivery. £10 to Pete's registered charity.

(Note this system is more than capable of running Audio and photo editing -i.e. Cubase, Sonar, Photoshop - I used it myself until recently for this very thing).

Any enquiries or further info, please contact me :)

(Not sure how to copy over the old posts Pete from the old forum to keep the count up.....?)

Il Padrino

Sorry Pete, noticed the post count has transfered anyway, but not sure how to copy over the posts - more so the sound clip ones etc. than Yardsale, but happy to do whatever is most appropriate for the forum.
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