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As-New Curved Soprano Sax


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Just north of Munich
Chinese as far as I know. Engraved Jäger (hunter) fwiw. Am selling cos the family don't like the sound of a sop, but as sops go, on the Selmer mouthpiece, it sounds nice.

I bought this a week or so ago as a new, damaged instrument. One key was bent (side F), a couple of almost unnoticable scratches. Otherwise perfect.

I've sorted the bent key out and adjusted the pads so it plays easily. Pads/adjustment could be better (there's some lost motion in places for instance), but it's OK.

Has cheap mouthpiece with it, which plays, but not brilliantly and rather squawky. Have also tried it with a Selmer S80 C*, it plays nicely on that.

Also included are lig, cap, 'hard', pad saver, gloves, grease, strap, cleaning cloth and 'cloth' bags for the sax and neck.

150GBP + post (max 15 pounds, if it's more, I'll cover the difference. )

5% to Pete's charity.

If you want the Selmer S80, with Selmer lig and non-Selmer cap (see other ad), I'll throw it in for another 30GBP.

Payment to my UK bank a/c, so no hidden costs there.

Will post some pics later.
Wallet watching wife says no. To be fair it's more about the lack of space in our house. Tempt me with some pics!
If it helps, the case is tiny... 46x25x14cm, including the handle (folded). And that's with the sax inside.

Surely it's the same size whether the sax is in it or not?

Sorry, Kev, couldn't resist. Now come on Dave, buy the man's sax - you know it makes sense.

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