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Artley 4-0, low B, silver headjoint pro flute

Chris Sax

I have for sale a lovely Artley 4-0 flute. The flute has inline G, a B foot joint, open holes and a solid silver head. It has a gorgeous, bright sound and is very easy blowing.

The only reason I'm selling it is that I have another flute that I use regularly and therefore this one isn't getting played. I bought it to experiment with the inline G and because I was playing material that required a low B. Bungs are easily available if you are not keen on open holes but want to try an inline G flute (a set of bungs can cost as little as £3). As a woodwind teacher / player l would say that with the B foot and the solid silver head, this would make a good intermediate to professional level flute for anybody wishing to upgrade.

The flute has the typical scratches and wearing to the plating on the body that you would expect from a well used instrument and there are no major dents. These are just cosmetic things, nothing detrimental to the playing condition of the flute. It was serviced about a year ago and is therefore in a full working order. It comes in a lovely case that has hardly been used so that's in a fantastic condition too.

£150 + p&p which is a bargain for a flute of this quality. Its in Glasgow if anyone is local and fancies a shot.

Donation to charity if sold on here.



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