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Bordeaux, France
In the Zone with David Liebman | MusicWorld |

I'm in BMI and they occasionally have an article of interest in their mailings. Posting the link here because you may not have seen it.
"With a staggeringly prolific catalog of more than 500 recorded works, multiple GRAMMY nominations, and stints with jazz legends Miles Davis, Elvin Jones and Chick Corea, jazz saxophonist David Liebman could easily rest on his many laurels. Yet Liebman, who was named among the National Endowment for the Art’s prestigious Masters of Jazz in 2011, shows no signs of slowing down after nearly 50 years in the music industry. In addition to maintaining a busy teaching and workshop schedule, Liebman jumps between recording sessions and live gigs around the U.S. and abroad."
In the Zone with David Liebman

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