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Art Pepper Transcription


Dunmow, Essex.
I've just finished transcribing 'Red Pepper Blues' from the rhythm section album and thought I'd share it.

Cracking solo, it's relatively straight forward to play aswell. The piece is based upon a really simple blues progression (not too many quick bebop style changes here). I think it occasionally ventures to the relative minor in bar 8 but I've just kept the chord symbols the same throughout.




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A couple of months back I got an album which has 4 Art Pepper albums on 2 CDs. It cost me under £4 from that online bookstore. They had Monk and Al Cohn too.
Good Evening GJ77,

Just printed out your transcribed solo for Red Pepper Blues. Looks Great! Can't wait to run through it!



G'day GI77, thanks for the transcription, I'd also like to look at it......tryed printing it, but its about a quarter page...howd ya do it Jimmy enlarge it that is!

Art Pepper, he's a favourite of mine, heard "Winter Moon" it's a classic!

Cheers & Ciao
Red Pepper Blues Transciption


I just went to print preview and sized it up best I could. I used a legal format and tried both lanscape and 11 x 8". The 11 x 8" came out okay (I believe you want to work with your % size as well), and it will work out. However, it's a little tight, and you need to differentiate the position of the notes relative to space and lines and sharps from flats; but I'm sure that will make itself known as you play through it. I haven't had the chance to play it yet, but just from sight reading it; it looks well done!!

Looking forward to learning it as close to the Pepper sound as possible. Like an old teacher use to tell me, "4 measures at a time and slow'!

"Winter Moon" Transcription

A classical pianist friend of mine is transcribing it as we speak. I will post it as a PDF when I get it.
Cheers >:)

Selmer Mk6 /Alto and Tenor JP Cadence Bari
1st instalment of "Winter Moon"i

My transcriber has sent the 1st 16 bars. She says that the timing is quite tricky! Coming from a Chopin Award winning Classical piano player this says a lot!!!!!!!! See the post below for the pdf Scotman
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Hello Scotman, from another Scot'sman.

I grew up (dragged up really) in Kilmarnock, we left for NZ in 1966 and have been there ever since apart from some large travels!!!

Anyway Re Art Pepper and Winter Moon..... this really hits my moody/beautiful button.

Since your post re getting your transcriber onto it, I have also been beavering away on Transcribe.

The way I do it is, loop and copy note by note and write that down above the scrolling track.

I have the notes to 1min54secs.

I think writing it on the musical stave is beyond me (at the moment)

I then listen to it allot, sing it then play (try to) the exact nuance of the phrase. (not easy because he is a Master)

Once I've learnt this looking as it scrolls, I then sing to the tune without playing, then switch off the tune and play it solo.
Finally adding the tune and being able to play at full speed.
With this one I found that speeding it up to 150% made it easier for me to play.

It will be very interesting to see your PDF so far...not sure if my list of just the notes would be helpful to others, as you really need the recording loaded into transcribe.

Please send your PDF.

Lots of Rain in NZ at the moment, more comiing though we are lucky not to be anywhere near Chch with the horrible earthquake problems.

Ps I've posted this here as well as sending to your email address, so others can learn and or add there bit!

Many thanks in advance

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Re: Winter Moon Transcription

I have also dreamed about the Winter Moon transcription, wonderful piece!
Thank you for first 16 bars,
I hope get soon more :)
Thank yoy very much!!
Re: Winter Moon Transcription

I thought I would have a go at playing this lovely piece... the fist 16 bars of Art's solo on Winter Moon...( wish I could find a backing track) Beautifully transcribed by scotman's transcriber :welldone


Thanks for the kind words chaps and chapesses!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alison is working on the rest as well as playing Baritone. Scotman.:welldone

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