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Morning all, I have had lots of great advice in the past from all. Now here is a poser for me. Being a newbie on the horn by luck more than skill I passed an audition for big band beginners and have had two sessions with them.

Fantastic and I really picked up in that short time a great deal. Suddenly out of the blue they have thrown a solo at me in the first alto arrangement. and here is the crunch it is "Stolen Moments" which I can play quite happily within the section but these symbols in the solo section have me slightly perplexed. My teacher is out of town for a few days so I am stuck. the arrangement is in key of G.

Then comes the solo bars signified by the following first bar Ami 9. 2 bar Ami 9 third bar Dmi 9 Now here is the greenhorn coming out, excuse pun. Am I right in assuming that the solo has to be played in the Aminor key and likwise in Dminor. and what does the 9 signify?

Next few bars have the following B + 7 then a sharp symbol followed by 9, again I can only assume is the following scale (B. Dsharp. Fsharp. A.) Or have I got it totally wrong. Thursday is crunch day. Thanks in advance and regds N. I should really ask the leader but I feel embarrassed. N


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They're all chord symbols.

You should get enough understanding of the symbols by working through the tutorials starting here:

But then if the solo's not written out, you need to work out something that works with those chords. If it written out, you can ignore them and just play the notes as written.

If you need ideas for what works with which chord, shout, someone'll have ideas. I don't.

Don't be put off by the shot of Pete and the Bass sax at the top of the page. He won't hit you with it if you get it wrong.
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