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Aria on tenor


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Wow Chris, have you been sleeping with the timing fairy? All I can say is "Nailed" For a first take, that's a lovely piece very well played. You can tell by the way you play this one, that your obviously listening to the backing and working very well with it.
Nice, this goes to the top of the pile of great achievements mate.


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This is great Chris. Really well played.:thumb: I love your version of Aria. Presumably you have made the backing track yourself?:mrcool
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Ssshhh!!! Taz don't tell Mrs Chris.:shocked:
I just got into the habbit of playing everything with a backing track or a metronome..

Rune, I got hold of a transcription for this tune just before you posted your alto version..So I thought I would put it away for a little while. Had a quick play through yesterday, put the backing track together and recorded this afternoon..

Thanks for listening and posting..:thumb:


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Nice that everyone recognizes your progress and musical abilities coming to the fore. Not sure if it's out of place to give constructive advice within this flurry of praise. I know that that's what I'd prefer, but that's me.

What I hear is mostly good but the thing that stands out as needing attention are the attacks. This is a little hard to describe in writing (and I'm not a real sax teacher either). Many of your attacks have a "thhhugh" sound with too much air before the note initiates. It's as though you are pushing air and waiting for the sax to do the work. Where this isn't happening you are playing within a phrase and can hear the notes that are to be played. I think it's simply a matter of hearing the note in your head first so that you are making that note happen rather than pushing air and waiting to hear the result and then adjusting your tone.

The fix is probably a combo of ear training and concentrating on those attacks to give them support so that they are played with confidence. A good teacher could probably help with this, but you could (for now) try playing a scale or simple tune you know well and see how good your attacks are, then play some random (large) interval leaps and see what happens. Knowing what the note you are about to play sounds like is the ideal, but for now you need to mechanically make those attacks work even if you can't hear the note to be played.

Please let me know if you'd rather not get this type of feedback as it's certainly simple and easy to just compliment what's good and ignore and leave fixable stuff for you to discover for yourself (which I'm sure you would eventually do).


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Very mature piece of playing and sexy tone Chris. I can really hear a big difference.:thumb:

I think it's Clivey to pick the next one Kev...

Thanks guys for all the feedback..

Thanks for that guys I have allready selected a lionel Ritchie classic that will have us all practicing our long notes.:) I`ll reveal at the weekend.

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