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Saxophones Are Hansons siill in business?


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I have just looked for the Hanson add on the web, to check for new products, and there is no sign of it. Are they no longer in business?.
Thanks Chris, my mistake was "Hanson Music" instead of "Hansonmusic". I tried "Hanson Clarinets", "Hanson Saxophones", I would have expected Google to come up with a link, but it didn't!!
You should read Stephen Howard's comments on the Hanson T6 pro-quality clarinet he had in recently .... he was very impressed! Their student clarinets are brill, too .... and made in Yorkshire :)
Hi Rogerb, I have been to Hansons (near the lovely village of Marston). I bought my ST6 there, and left my alto there for repair (see another thread)!!!
I was just checking on their sight this morning to see their latest products, but couldn't find them. I used to type Hanson clarinets or Hanson saxophones and go straight to them. It doesn't work like that now!
Anyway I'm back in Spain now, so we should get together for a drink. I'll come down your way, you'r only about an hour from me.

Hi Johnboy

I am in UK until tomorrow, just had my B Walstein alto serviced by Stephen H .... he still likes it! It was nice to meet him, and hear him blow it.

Drop me a mail after the weekenda.

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