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Anyone want a gig.....


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I got this request in yesterday.....
Further to our brief telephone conversation, as I mentioned we are holding a 'Golden' black tie dinner party for about 70 people at The Remenham Rowing Club, Henley-on-Thames, Oxon. 13th October.
We have been scanning websites for an individual who can, ideally, play both the sax and clarinet with his/her own backing system or with a keyboard player. We are seeking musicians only and not a vocalist - maybe there is a vocalist/instrument player who is happy to rest his/her voice for the evening!!
We would hope that their repertoire would cover the 1950s and 1960s as the majority of guests are well into their 70 years of age (but still able to trip the light fantastic!).
The party starts at 7.30pm with drinks, then dinner at 8.00 and hopefully, dancing from 9.30/11.20 - at which time the music must stop because of Club rules. The idea of quiet recorded background music during the reception and dinner is open for discussion.
I am most grateful to you for offering to circulate known players and I hope that there will be a favourable response.

I'll send the organizer's email over if anyone's interested....


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Please can you send me the contact details my tutor is interested.




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Just had a quick listen to some of this. Very nice playing, but the playlist seems to have got mixed up. Eg, I clicked on "Sophisticated Lady" and got "All the Things You Are".
You are right! I will try to fix it at some point.
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