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Anyone want a gig.....


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I've just received this email here at wrok... wonder if anyone might be interested

"Nice to talk to you just now.To put you in the picture, Ightham will be lighting a Bonfire/Beacon around 10.15 pm on Monday 4th June as part of the national Beacon lighting ceremonies all over the country. Ours will be lit in a field close to the centre of the village and just off the Tonbridge Road. Our plan is that villagers and friends will be invited to bring their own picnics from around 8 pm onwards and sit around the waiting bonfire. At around 10 ish they will be joined by a procession of villagers who have been enjoying a special BBQ at the George and Dragon in the centre of the village.

We thought it would be nice for the picnicers to have some suitable music accompaniment. Unfortunately, although there will be a largish tent to provide shelter if necessary, there will not be any power and no lights other than candles etc! In fact it should not be dark given that it is mid summer. There is no charge for this "party" hence our budget will be extremely limited! The most we can run to is 150 pounds which I appreciate is pretty meagre! What would be lovely would be to have musician/s playing during this time and maybe wandering around if this suited them. A saxophonist/s or similar would be great.

Any help you could offer us would be hugely appreciated."

.... I've missed out the contact info for security reasons.... PM me if interested (BTW- its near Seven-oaks in Kent)


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That sound like it could be a really entertaining gig, sadly a little too far for me, but I hope someone from here gets it!
Nice one Jules
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