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Anyone parting with a curved soprano?


Well-Known Member
Montreal, QC, Canada.
Hey everyone!
I'm in the market for a curved soprano, I'd like to see if anyone here on the Cafe is parting with their Bauhaus Walstein or John Packer curved sops. I'm open to other brands too, but that's about what I can afford. Thanks!

Hi Jim! Thanks for the pointer. I just checked, however the price diffferent is not too much to the new one. :-/


I was hoping for someone to turn up with one to part with. But ivw given up had had to venture onto Ebay. :/
Picked up a nice Elkhart 300 for £100- now looking for a half decent mouthpiece. Anyone got one willing to sell?
Sorry- I was going to add- if I see one turn up, or someone offer's one to me ill PM you if you're still looking.
Hi Yanno! Really appreciate the offer. Don't worry, I'm also on the lookout on ebay, but I'll give it a week or so else I should pick up the curvy from John Packer. Have you seen the mouthpiece suggestions by Tom in this thread?
Had a look- very helpful, ill probably start out on a rico royal and then sell some of my tenor pieces to free up some cash.
Thanks again and let me know how the JP goes- hopefully my Elkhart will be good enough- for now.
Have you considered the Venus?
There are favourable opinions dotted around the web including a review of the Venus alto on
The soprano is available for around £200 from several e-bay vendors.

I think it's excellent at the price.
Hi Alan! Actually no, I haven't - need to check that out! Cheers!
You're welcome.
It's the first soprano I've been properly happy with.
I find it works really well with the Rico Royal mouthpiece, that is pretty inexpensive too.
It works for me anyway.
Looks nice- i like the matte silver one, or the red brass- shame they're out of stock.
And £250 for a redwood clarinet! - if i found this website sooner i would re-considered forking out for my Buffet.
Hi Alan, Yanno, thanks for the hints! There is also the gear 4 music soprano as well! Hmm choices. If I do decide on one, I'll be sure to post up my purchase in the horns section :)

One last idea may be chamberlain music- Roy Benson do a curved soprano- i think.
I had a straight one at school, it was ok- played in tune and all that.
Hi Yanno!
I'd sent John Packer an email earlier about their curved saxophones, hopefully I'll get a reply someday. If not... the venus ones look good but they don't have the finish I want :-/
I wonder how the gear 4 music sax is....
Hi Andy, thanks for the link! I've decided to purchase a curvy from John Packers, I'm waiting on their reply on stock levels, so we'll see :)

Will do! And all the best to that sax, it looks beautiful :)

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