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SOLD Anyone like the Keilwerth then?


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Northamptonshire UK
I could use some spare cash this coming week so thought I would offer the Keilwerth on the yard sale. You have seen what I am asking on ebay, and my website@ £450 + 10% discount January.

For Cafe' members only I shall sell it for £375 inclusive of postage and packaging within the UK, I have a special rate with my courier company and would be £29 to most European destinations by road. Sale includes 5% to the charity and also includes a good hardshell case- which I purchased seperately- but fits perfectly.And that vintage ebonite mouthpiece which came with it..

I am only really just moving this on as to tide me over for a week or so. At £390 I would be making the same as the charity! Bank transfer preferred if you can please though Paypal if you twist my arm- but sent as gift or payment owed.This "Deal" is only available to Cafe' members, no where else.

Don't forget it needs a service or overhaul, I can get the notes ok on the top stack, lower down to F is a bit flaky. Most of the pads have domed plastic Selmer type resos and look pretty much ok, the bell keys have the old single rivet reso.

I can't really afford to trade on it. I shall leave it on here for a week only, as if it does not sell, I am 90% certain of having it done myself.

hmmm tempting, and i do have GAS,

bad Ian, bad Ian, fight it fight it!!!! ;)

good luck on the sale,
out of curiosity what model is it?

You have Gas? is that er, flatulence:D

I know nothing, it has the JK Made in Germany stamp to reverse,lasete Professional on the bell, not sure whether it is a ToneKing or New King though suspect it is the former.

I just sold my Pierret off my website:clapping: so it is working!, If anyone wishes for this snap it up quickly as if not, I shall send it in for service or whatever it needs to get it playing, it is by all means a well reputed Monster player:)
Someone's gotta buy this - the perfect Rat tenor after being re-padded etc and a great low cost alternative for SX90 lovers ..
haha GAS = gear acquisition syndrome
and flatulence after a curry too ;)

again i am tempted if you can find out what the model is then i can know what to ponder/drool over..
thank you.
Something may have come to light, I shall investigate further, it is all good I am sure :)
I would say it is a New King III (source: saxpics.com)with metal keyguard (instead of lucite), maybe not as nice as the lucite, but much more durable I would say!!!!
Whatever the model, this will be a roaring tenor in my opinion!
Bit more from saxpics (what a shame it's no longer kept updated!):
  • "Series III: from about 21xxx to 45xxx: The introduction of the horns with the stunning lucite keyguard -- but the elimination of the microtuner neck. Rolled tone holes seem to be added randomly to these models.
    I've been asked about the horns that have METAL keyguards in the same shape as the lucite ones: are they original? My answer: possibly.

    I can imagine, because the lucite keyguards are so brittle, that after a year or two, Keilwerth offered the metal guard as an option -- or they used them as warranty replacements. However, I've been unable to find a serial number range for "just metal" or "just lucite", so the idea that the metal keyguards are replacements, either from the factory or other 3rd party company, is probably the most accurate."
The metal guards are original. Pete's info was a bit sketchy when he wrote that piece.

Gerhard Keilwerth set up a firm rebuilding saxes, selling pads etc. And they still sell the metal angel wings or sold them until recently. There's an article on Bassic Sax about how she had them fitted to one of her Keilwerths. I think it was a toneking. Sadly GK died a year or two ago.
I would say it is a New King III Whatever the model, this will be a roaring tenor in my opinion!

It`s the predecessor to the SX90 then and soundwise they Rock big time (just that sadly I find them horrible to play so not one for me) it ought to be a killer when done ... at your current price plus a week at connollys ought to bring someone a Rockin' horn at silly low money
Found the Ergos awkward, felt like I was fighting the horn, though it wasn`t recent so in the MkVII period when I tried one .. love the Keilwerth sound.
"Ads"- Horses!:p

I have days where I become disillusioned with it all. This is indeed one of them..... £350 inc p&p within Mainland UK. I am not going any lower, I simply cannot without committing financial suicide. This is only available to established members of the Cafe'.

I am not re-listing it on ebay, I actually loathe selling on there. I shall make it available to Cafe' members on the website by way of special discount code, please pm me if interested. Deal is available until sold or whether I take the plunge and get it done. If I spend around £150 ish maybe- to get it playing. Realistically what am I looking at for the Monster rat horn...

It seems I cannot win either way.
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If it's still there by the end of April I'm interested.
Well done! Great deal!

Yes though it is in Nicks favour! But sometimes, it is ok to make a little loss in a self harming kind of way! I hope Nick is delighted with it, i'm currently waiting for the courier to collect, I ran out of Tenor size cardboard boxes and had to double the alto ones up- cost £5 each and took me an hour to pack it- with my carpal wrist strap on lol!

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