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Anyone know where I can get hold of...


Just outside Skipton, in God's Own County
...a transcription of the saxophone part of Mark Knopfler's Going Home (Theme from Local Hero) - either the recorded version or live version.

I am being inordinately lazy, I admit. I can 'half' play it already.

But I have rather a lot of other stuff to learn at the moment, and want to have something I can relax and play along to without having to think too hard.

Oh. And if it's free, even better!

Hi Stephanie

If you have notation software you could search for the midi file on google, load it into the software and hay presto you have the score

Paste this search string into google

"going home" filetype:midi

I never thought of that... well to be precise, I didn't know you could search for midis like that, so I've learnt something today.

Anyway, I searched as you suggested and the only result then said the server couldn't be reached (or gave me a Rocky Horror result, which was quite amusing, as I'd listened to that earlier today as well!). I'll keep on searching though...

Edit: I've found something called an NZB file, but my technology knowledge seems to have run out in downloading / opening it... any ideas?
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Mamos, you are an angel.... *polishes your halo for you*

Got one. Imported it into Finale..... now off to look for other things!

I suggested something that works:shocked:

Glad you found it useful


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