M/Pieces - Ligs Anyone have experience with the Jody Jazz NY DV Alto mouthpiece?


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I owned one 4 years ago for about a year, it was a good piece but was very dark probably the darkest piece i've had for alto.
It depends what you want to use it for, for big band it would be fine but it might struggle as a lead alto piece.
Picking up an old thread ... I just received one in the post today (7 tip opening) - I concur with the previous poster in that it’s quite dark but it’s still pretty robust. It depends on the reeds/horn you use and how you play. If you’re typically a ‘brighter’ player, you’ll probably find this piece to be very versatile.

I quite like it (as a reference I play an SA80II alto with a Morgan Fry ebonite) but I have yet to test in anger at a gig or a rehearsal. It’s definitely worth trying if you can find a shop selling one, it’s certainly got its own ‘thing’ going on and it’s not your standard metal alto piece for sure.


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If you prefer a bright sound, the Jody Jazz Jet is a very good choice. I love mine. I’ve never found the bottom so easy and it’s also quite good for the altissimo notes. You might be looking for a dark sound, but I thought I would throw this out there just in case.
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