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Saxophones Anyone come across Matthews Music? Legit or not?


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Milton Keynes (ish)
Saxophone, Flute items in Matthews Music store on eBay!

Prices seem suspiciously cheap, but the eBay feedback and appearance of the web site suggest otherwise. A couple of examples:

Keilwerth Shadow Tenor = €3,676.47 (£3115) vs. £4092 at
Yani tenor metal mpc = €142.86 (£121) vs. £210 at
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I bought a mouthpiece from them a couple of months ago. No probs at all. Sale/payment went through Paypal. I got good emails telling me what was going on, and it arrived in a couple of days. I think they're cheaper because they're working on a lower mark-up as an on-line store.

They have a 100% positive rating on over 1100 sales....

ymmv of course. But I'd deal with them again.
Thanks Kev. The odd thing is that I thought that are geared up as an on-line store these days as well.

Those savings are huge though and for an expensive sax, worth a flight to Holland...
Yes, I can highly recommend them, I actually visited them when I went through Amsterdam a few years back, They fixed my selmer series 3 soprano, it had been damaged in transit.... they did it for an amazing price:)
Nice friendly vibe, family run business....
I've had dealings with them as well. They were great to deal with. Dunno if I'd actually buy a sax from them, as I like to deal locally in case of any problems, and my local shop happens to be, but they were great when I bbought a mouthpiece from them.

Incidentally, although do have a web presence, they also keep an unrivalled stock in their two shops, and the ability to try a huge range before you buy is their USP. I also thing that you may find the price differentials lower for some other brands.
I am seriously considdering a reference 54 tenor and found Matthews music through ebay, the price is £800 cheaper than!!! and with free shipping as well....
Just discovered that all the on-line prices (not the eBay store ones) at ex-VAT. The Keilwerth Shadow comes in a £3,814 with tax, so very comparable with (with whom I'm sure a little negotiation might be possible).

Mouthpieces still seem cheap though.
Well, I just bought the equivalent Yani mouthpiece for my tenor as I already have on alto. Brand new from Matthews Music for £130 delivered. Cheapest I found in the UK was £178 + shipping. Totally bonkers price.
Yeah great saving! the ref 54 is £3650 on his site but when you go to the check out it adds the vat taking it up to about £4300! but like you say if you go through the ebay store the price is around £3900-£4000 inclusive of vat with free shipping.
Incidentally, the eBay buy-it-now price was $220 and I offered $200 which was accepted, so I guess that we can safely assume an additional 10% discount on those eBay prices.

Plus an extra 3% discount if you pay by direct bank transfer (I didn't avail myself of this this time, but would for a big purchase).

They have a regular store 30 mins drive from Amsterdam and I reckon you could negotiate internet pricing if you chose that path.

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